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Robbie Rotten
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Glanni Glæpur

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Bobby (clone)
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"I, Robbie Rotten, will not be beaten by a costumed Sportalooney and some pink cheerleader. I'll stop 'em, if it's the last thing I do."
―Robbie Rotten[src]

Robbie Rotten (also known as Glanni Glæpur, Johnny B. Bad, Zobby the Space Alien, Sherlock Foams, Sir Rottenham and Abraham Lincoln) was a humanoid actor, pirate and warlord of the pocket reality Lazy Town.

Now a self-described "villian", Rotten dedicated himself to controlling Lazy Town and making sure that it stayed lazy.


Early life

The man who would be become known as Robbie Rotten was born Glanni Glæpur on the planet Earth.

He was eventually transported to the pocket reality known as Lazy Town.

Personality and traits


Robbie Rotten

"We are number one!"
―Robbie Rotten[src]

Robbie was an immature, conniving, egocentric, and manipulative warlock with many vices. He was very lazy, indolent, hateful, borderline sociopathic, selfish, acquisitive, covetous, sneaky, rude, and greedy. He was however proud of these traits, and worked hard at keeping his status as a villain. He had an awful diet, being a lover of sugary treats, such as ice cream and blue frosted cake, which he would then top with whipped cream, and even once ate a cake containing sand. Despite his flaws, Robbie showed certain degrees of brilliance & intelligence.

Nonetheless, he was a true mastermind inventing all manner of devices, and his cheap disguises actually fooled the people of Lazy Town. Despite his laziness and desire to inspire laziness in others, Robbie himself was intelligent and ironically slim and hardworking. Though, he was also a very childish buffoon. He also has poor social skills when he wasn't playing the villain. He had a strange and contrasting attitude towards everyone in town, but he deeply despised Sportacus and Stephanie the most. Generally, he was extremely bitter, obnoxious, and vituperative towards Sportacus in particular, desiring to humiliate him and have him ostracized, so that he would leave. Occasionally, he would wish Sportacus was dead. Towards other lazytowners, he was argumentative and grouchy, though in his disguise's, he was often sociable, charming, and funny, all in his bid to make a slothful life seem like an attractive alternative to Sportacus's example.

He sometimes appeared to be extremely friendly, empathetic, and compassionate on terms with the Lazytown residents at times. On one occasion, that he actually really liked everyone in Lazytown, including Sportacus, and had nothing to do if they were all gone. He even danced along with Stephanie and co. happy to see everyone return. He became very good friends with a fly, and built a robot dog, which he also cared for. It was also revealed that he had a wife prior to being transported to Lazy Town.



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