Miranda Tate 2
Miranda Tate
Biographical information
Birth Name

Miranda Tate


September 30, 1976
Paris, France

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Family information

Talon Jones (grandfather)
Marsha Jones (grandmother)
Jonathan Tate (father)
Bonnie Tate (mother)
Marcel Tate (son)
Martin Blake Sr. (step-father)
Martin Blake Jr. (step-brother)
Morgana Blake (step-sister)
Mark Blake (step-brother)
Mara Blake (step-sister)
Molly Blake (step-sister)
Michelle Blake (step-sister)
Flynn Blake (step-nephew)
Frankie Danielson (step-nephew)
Valora Danielson (step-niece)


Rachel Tate
Miranda, Queen of Diamonds

Political information
"Most people think I'm a joke. But it's because, they are all just too afraid of me."
―Miranda Tate[src]

Miranda Tate (also known as Rachel Tate, Marsha Tate and The Queen of Diamonds) was a businesswoman and the founder of the League of Shadows as well as a member of the shadowy Council of Evil.


Early lifeEdit

Miranda Tate was born in Paris, France on September 30, 1976 to Jonathan Tate and Bonnie Jones.

Encounters with the Dark KnightEdit

Tricking Jax PavanEdit

"How pathetic of you Mr. Pavan, you really thought that my name was Rachel Tate?"
―Miranda Tate[src]

In 2012, Tate infiltrated Pavan Technology to gain knowledge on Jax Pavan. Tate was determined to get as much vital information from him as possible. To do so, she decided that she should go under the name of Rachel Tate. As Rachel Tate, she became a Pavan Enterprises board member engaged in philanthropic endeavors for Gotham City, including charity fundraising. She personally heavily invested in Pavan Enterprises clean energy fusion reactor project. She persistently tried to meet with Jax to discuss the clean energy project after he shut down the project for three years, but she was ignored by a reclusive Jax. She was described to Jax as "quite lovely" by Maurice and Carl Foxx. Carl also described her as "smart" to Jax and reminded him that, "She has supported the project all the way." Pavan was easily fooled by her trick. He later discovered that she was really Miranda Tate and didn't believe it. Even though the plan was found out, Miranda had some success in her plan. Later, Pavan came back and tried to kill her for what she attempted on him but failed. Right after this incident, Miranda tried to do the same and also failed.

Faking her deathEdit

"There' way...this bomb...will be stopped. Prepare yourselves. My father' done."
―Miranda faking her death[src]

As her plan didn't work, she decided to fake her death. Believing that her plan to destroy the city wouldn't come true. However, as her plan failed, Pavan flew The Bug and left the city.

"What an idiotic fool you really think you're going to win this time?...Well that's where you are wrong because I have a plan, a plan that can't save you or your little friend of yours. You're pathetic which is why I'm finally going to beat you. You see....I have a neutron bomb and a trigger, a trigger that will make you and this city blow to pieces and then you and The Incredible 08 Hulk will be killed. I will destroy you and this will be the day that everyone will be laughing at you. Such a shame that this is the end for you but have a great afterlife."
―Miranda Tate[src]

Personality and traitsEdit

Miranda Tate

Miranda Tate


A smug Tate

"When I go under cover yes, I'm Rachel Tate but normally I'm Miranda Tate."
―Miranda Tate[src]

Miranda Tate was a arrogant, proud, serious and classy individual. She attempted to make herself seem like a threat, but not many people thought of her that way.

"I truly am a "Queen of Diamonds". "
―Miranda Tate[src]




Romantic LifeEdit

Malgus BaneEdit

Malgus and Miranda

Miranda and Malgus looking at the plans.

"I never felt anything, I was sympathizing for you."
―Miranda to Malgus Bane[src]

Miranda and Malgus had a bit of a strange relationship, although she claimed to "Not have any feelings for him." she seemed to have felt something for him and Malgus seemed to realized this.

Jax PavanEdit

Miranda and Jax kiss

Miranda and Jax sharing a kiss

"Suffering builds character."
―Miranda to Jax Paven[src]

When the Court of Ravens ordered her to kill Zad Turner Miranda posed as Marsha Tate, while at the party when attempting to get her hands on Zad she briefly met Jax while at the party, Jax didn't know what her name was or really anything about her, Miranda's step-father Martin Blake Sr. told her about him after their encounter. They met once again when she planed to seduce Jax and then kill him.

Emile NeuhartEdit

Miranda and Emile about to kiss

Miranda and Emile about to kiss

"With our league of shadows, no one can stop us, Emile."
―Miranda to Emile Neuhart[src]



"Innocent is a strong word to throw around Gotham, Jax. I honor my father by finishing his work. Vengeance against the man who killed him is simply a reward for my patience. You see, it's the slow knife...the knife that takes its time. The knife...that waits years without forgetting...then slips quietly between the bones. That's the knife...that cuts deepest."
―Miranda Tate[src]

Knives and Guns were weapons that Tate often used.


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