Michelle Emma Susan Blake-5
Michelle Blake
Biographical information
Birth Name

Michelle Emma Susan Blake


December 28, 1986
Newcastle, Australia

Physical description

Human-Vampire-Elf hybrid





Hair Color


Eye Color


Family information

Finn Blake (grandfather)
Myra Blake (grandmother)
Grayce Jean (grandmother)
Martin Blake Sr. (father)
Muriel Blake (mother)
Miranda Tate (step-sister)
Martin Blake Jr. (half-brother)
Mark Blake (brother)
Morgana Blake (sister)
Mara Blake (sister)
Molly Blake (sister)
Hal Danielson (husband)
Frankie Danielson (son)
Valora Danielson (daughter)
Flynn Blake (nephew)
Gable Tate (step-nephew)
Braylon Danielson (brother-in-law)
Brielle Danielson (sister-in-law)
Birdie Danielson (niece)

Political information
"I win...always."
―Michelle Blake[src]

Michelle Blake Danielson was a human-vampire-elf hybrid librarian as well as a member of the shadowy Council of Evil.


Early lifeEdit

Michelle Blake was born in Newcastle, Australia on December 28, 1986 to the successful doctor Martin Blake Sr. and the scientist Muriel Jean.

Personality and traitsEdit

Michelle 12

Michelle Blake

"The plan must work for my purpose and my family's purpose, we need this think about our generation of heritage our family life line, the Blake family's blood line must go on forever and think about my father too he plans on living forever he doesn't just want a legacy he wants everyone to bow down before us and don't think you can slip that behind my back and in fact I don't think that I would do that with any one of us, we can't lose this cure we can't lose us just think about that, oh and uh...if I were you I wouldn't think twice about it you all saw what happened."
―Michelle Blake[src]

Powers and abilitiesEdit


Notes and referencesEdit

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