Corbin Duke
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November 27, 1942
San Antonio, Texas

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Black; later bald

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Family information

Aaron Duke (father)
Ivory Duke (mother)
JR Duke (brother)
Patricia Duke (1st wife)
Lydia Duke (2nd wife)
Boris Duke (son)
Max Duke (son)
Timmie Duke (son)
Lydia Duke Jr. (daughter)

Political information
"Everything we've done... everything I've worked for my entire life will not be undone by some damn motorcycle riding lunatic and his shithead meddling friends!"
―Corbin Duke[src]

Corbin Duke was a human businessman and an oil tycoon who founded the multi-billion dollar company, Duke Oil, as well as a renowned member of the shadowy Council of Evil.

Born on November 27, 1942 in San Antonio, Texas, Duke was raised there for most of his young life by his parents, Ivory and Aaron Duke. As a child, Duke would often help his grandparents run their ranch, which in the process taught him valuable lessons that he applied later in life.


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Corbin Duke was born in San Antonio, Texas on November 27, 1942 to Aaron and Ivory Duke. As a child, Duke would often help his grandparents run their ranch by in his own words, "feeding the chickens, milking the cows, planting the seeds and herding the sheep".

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Corbin Duke

"You ever been in farming before? No? Well, I have. As a little boy, I used to help my grandparents on their ranch. It was a modestly sized piece of land, but it was successful enough for them. I'd help feed the chickens, milk the cows, plant the seeds... herd the sheep. You'd always have to be patient with those plants by the way, taught me a valuable lesson about patience. And it was at this point that I realized that real life was not that much different than farm life. The animals were simple. They were mindless. If they disobeyed you, all they needed was a good kick to get them to listen. And if they still didn't listen after that, well, that's what my granddaddy's shotgun was for. Most people, ordinary folks, are practically the same as them. They shut their minds off, both non-purposeful and purposeful because they can't or are unable to comprehend things. Just like the animals on that ranch, they're easily controllable. They're the sheep to be herded, the chickens to be fed, the cows to be milked. All they need is a good kick sometimes. The only difference is that they can be bribed or bought."
―Corbin Duke[src]

and got the job done

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